Hack for Freedom 2021: Hackathon - Schedule and Overview

Hack for Freedom 2021: Hackathon - Schedule and Overview

Let's Build the New p2p Internet Standard

Hackathon Starts Wednesday, Aug. 4th, 2021!

Voltage Cloud: Hack for Freedom. EVERY CONTESTANT WILL RECEIVE ENOUGH CREDITS TO RUN 2 STANDARD NODES FOR 30 DAYS. Register or Login to your Voltage account to redeem your credits.
"What excites me about developing a new p2p internet is how greenfield it is. The constraints that exist in the current internet don't have to apply in our new internet. You can pave your own path when building. Through services like Voltage and Impervious, we can rebuild the internet to be the way it was originally intended. Open and direct."

- Graham Krizek; Founder & CEO of Voltage Cloud

Hack for Freedom Participant Schedule

  • Hack for Freedom begins Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 - at 12pm (PDT).
  • The Impervious.ai team will be live on Twitter Spaces - August 4th, at 12pm PDT, to officiate the launch of our API's and the start of Hack for Freedom! The Hackathon is a virtual event, that requires no in person participation.
  • On August 4th, we'll also release developer documentation, code examples, tutorials, and additional developer resources on docs.impervious.ai.
  • The Hackathon will run until Friday, August 20th, 2021 - Demo Day!
  • At the end of the Hackathon (before Demo Day), each team will send a video explainer, not to exceed three-minutes in length, summarizing their project and build, no later than August 19th, at 12pm (PDT).
  • Teams will submit their video explainer to: hackathon@impervious.ai
  • Demo Day will be on August 20th, starting at 10am (PDT). A link to demo day will be emailed closer to Demo Day.
  • Teams will compete for $25,000 in Bitcoin prizes, including a $10,000 Grand Prize (paid in Bitcoin).
  • Discord (request to join our Discord server) will provide the primary interface for technical discussions and engagement throughout the Hackathon. We'll also be holding office hours (see below) on Discord to answer basic Q&A's throughout the event. We'll be kicking off the festivities on Aug. 4th via Twitter Spaces, so make sure to follow us on Twitter!
  • Check out the developer doc library for everything you'll need to get started! This link will be live following the Hack for Freedom kickoff.

Scout Each of the Hackathon Judges on Twitter - Their Venture Firms Are Sponsoring Hack for Freedom 2021!

Nine IMP API's will be released on Aug. 4th, 2021, along with developer documentation, example code, and basic tutorials!

Our initial API's will form a foundation for a larger development effort to build towards the new p2p internet standard. Following the Hackathon, we'll continue supporting the community and build additional capabilities into IMP services.

See below for a preview of what's possible when building on IMP API's, towards a new p2p internet standard:

Hackathon Office Hours with Team Impervious on Discord:

  • Friday, August 6th, at 10 am PDT
  • Tuesday, August 10th, at 10 am PDT
  • Friday, August 13th, at 10 am PDT
  • Monday, August 16th, at 10 am PDT
  • Wednesday, August 18th, at 10 am PDT

We look forward to building the new p2p internet, together!