API & Dynamic VPN - 4.28.21 Updates

The Impervious API was developed to provide the simplest way to transport data across the Lightning Network.
Developers can use the Impervious API to build on the Lightning Network - enabling instant, secure and censorship resistant channels for data transmission.

Impervious generates cryptographically secure tunnels that ensure data remains private both at rest and during transit, while also shielding the source of data transmissions.

We foresee innumerable potential applications for Impervious, but our primary goal is to help others build censorship resistant technology stacks. Reliance on centralized third party service providers has contributed to a digital infrastructure that's hyper-vulnerable to arbitrary service interruptions.

Access to critical data and services can be suspended by third party intermediaries without warning (with limited or no ability to contest the decision) for perceived terms of service violations, meritless DMCA takedown notices, internal policy changes or simply due to hostile political actors. Impervious can help to maintain uptime, ensure operational integrity and diminish reliance on third party intermediaries.

Our API is live in closed beta - with General Release Scheduled for June, 2021 - on top of which we've developed a Dynamic Metered VPN, built on the Lightning Network, that allows parties to securely operate Peer-to-Peer behind surveilled or hostile networks. A general purpose, Dynamic Peer-to-Public Services VPN is currently under development. API + Dynamic VPN - Live Demo Video

Technical Overview:

Impervious API:
  • ImperviousAPI is able to provide a simple REST based API endpoint for web developers to issue POST requests with normal JSON data.
  • JSON data is launched across the Lightning Network and appears as a Websocket on the far end.
  • REST and Websockets offer easy, commonly understood web frameworks for passing data to and from an application.
  • Websockets offer realtime, modern data interface to web browsers for advanced, interactive functionality. Easy examples include streaming chat messages, live price updates, dynamic charting, etc.
  • REST offers a static endpoint for developers to POST messages into. It's a simple, well understood interface for web devs/DEVOPS.
  • Developers build their own API, by passing in their JSON data, incorporating it as they'd like on the far end.
Impervious Dynamic Metered VPN (Peer-to-Peer):

Impervious API can be used to build any Lightning application.

  • Makes using Lightning easy. Simplifies the current process of developments with LND API calls.
  • The IMP API can command and control VPN configurations between two peers.
  • The peers can then securely communicate via high bandwidth channels.