Hackathon Participants: Welcome IMPs!

Hackathon Participants: Welcome IMPs!

If you received this via email, you're on the list and are officially a Hack for Freedom participant!

Hack for Freedom starts at 12:00pm (PDT) tomorrow, Aug. 4th, 2021.

We are hours away from the start of Hack for Freedom! Compete for $25,000 in Bitcoin prizes including a $10,000 Grand Prize.

Hackathon Checklist:

  • Join us on Twitter Spaces for the live launch - Wednesday Aug. 4th, at 12 pm PT.
  • For insights, feedback, and Hackathon discussions, join our Discord Server and drop by Team Impervious office hours (see below).
  • Support questions will be best addressed on Discord (the team is lurking there - Ridgeback, Chase, Bullzeye, Impant, and Impervious_admin). Feel free to send a DM if your questions aren't addressed in the general channel.
  • The Impervious developer documentation library is now live! It contains everything you need to get started!
  • The Impervious binaries will go live on Github a few hours before the Hackathon (feel free to snoop), but won't be announced until 12pm PT, on Wednesday Aug. 4th.
  • Voltage Cloud is supporting the event: register here for your FREE Voltage node!
  • Teams can start any time after launch (you have two weeks to complete your build), but must submit a summary explainer video of your development efforts/what you've built, no later than 12pm (PDT) on August 19th. Submit to: hackathon@impervious.ai
  • Demo Day will be on August 20th, starting at 10am (PDT). Prizes and feedback will be disbursed by our triumvirate of judges:
  • Brian Murray @murr of Craft Ventures
  • Christopher Calicott @mecee of Trammell Venture Partners
  • Hank Thomas @hankthomasdc of Strategic Cyber Ventures
Left to right: Christopher Calicott (Managing Director, TVP Fund), Hank Thomas (CEO, SCV), Brian Murray (Partner & COO, Craft Ventures)

Team Impervious Office Hours on Discord:

  • Friday, August 6th, at 10 am PDT
  • Tuesday, August 10th, at 10 am PDT
  • Friday, August 13th, at 10 am PDT
  • Monday, August 16th, at 10 am PDT
  • Wednesday, August 18th, at 10 am PDT

Now, let's build the new p2p, censorship and surveillance resistant internet! In the words of Hackathon judge Brian Murray, COO of Craft Ventures:

Brian Murray: I think it’s just going to change everything. The way the internet works today is that you have these giant centralized services, companies like Facebook, for example that you route things through. And because you route things through them, they become gatekeepers, and then they can do all sorts of messed up stuff. So, if the internet was redesigned as p2p, then I think it’ll be a renaissance for the entire internet.